Walk for Navajo Water

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Goal: $30,000



American Lutheran Church Courtyard
8:00 AM
January 11, 2020



For 65 years, Navajo Lutheran Mission (better known locally as Rock Point Mission) has partnered with the Navajo people to be an outpost of love and hope. Every day, the 100% Navajo staff feed the hungry, prioritize learning for grades K-6 and focus on fulfilling basic community needs. “We teach the way of Jesus, listen to one another, help one another and stretch our capacity to become the people that God needs in this time and place.”

The distance between home and help of any kind is 50 miles or more. For most, healthcare, jobs, groceries, farming supplies, and entertainment require a working vehicle, many gallons of fuel, travel food and a full day to gather the provisions needed for home and family. How far are you from the nearest Walmart or Target? Both are a two-hour drive from here.

Less than half of the households have electricity and running water, adding for some the additional tasks of hauling water and collecting wood or coal for heating and cooking.     

Many of the local windmill wells have been tested and are not safe for human or animal use. Past uranium was located in these shallow wells along with lead and arsenic. The health of the community members, especially the youth and elderly, caused a myriad of health issues.

The Benevolence Committee of American Lutheran Church, Sun City has adopted this mission of restoring drinkable water to the Rock Point Navajo community.

The entire project for the formal engineering, digging and construction of the well(s) will cost at least $30,000.  This will be accomplished through a sponsored up to 5K walk on January 11, 2020.  Please help by walking and/or sponsoring a walker; get in shape, get some sneakers and join fellow “angels” as we Walk for Navajo Water.

For more information call Bob Rogalski – 623 521 6446

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Before the Walk

Tax Deductible Donation: Make your check, registration/sponsorship to American Lutheran Church Walk in 2019 for a 2019 deduction. If you wait until the walk on January 11th your tax break will count for 2020.

Who Can Walk:  Everyone is invited to walk not just members of ALC (all ages, dogs, children, centenarians, roller skaters, etc.)

Obtaining Donations & Sponsors:  Get as many as you can. An average of $100-$250 per walker is recommended to reach our goal of $30,000. Sponsors can be local or nationwide. Sponsors are to send their checks to American Lutheran Church Walk or give to the person they are sponsoring.

Business Opportunity: Promoting a business is encouraged through the special sponsorship outlined on the registration form. Their names will be printed in the recognition booklet and walker T-shirts.


Day of the Walk

Dress: Wear comfortable shoes and socks that are good for walking. Don’t over-dress.

Food: Eat lightly before the walk. Bring water, although water stations will be available along the way.

Schedule: Come to the church court yard beginning at 7:30 AM for a prompt sendoff at 8:00 AM (January 11, 2020).


During the Walk

Walkers: Remember this is not a race but an event to help the Navajo community at Rock Point, Arizona by bringing drinkable water to their community. Walk as long as you want up to the maximum of 5K / 3.11 mile route.

Emergencies: Contact the nearest water station or marked vehicle for help.


Recognition Booklet

Names of all walkers and/or sponsors over $100 and businesses over $250 will appear in the recognition booklet. Special recognition to businesses / individuals or challenge matching gifts:

             (     ) Business card size ($250)

             (     ) Half page size         ($500)

             (     ) Full page size          ($1,000)


The ALC Trust is providing a limited matching gift. For your information gifts made to the ALC/SC Trusts not only help the church fulfill its mission, but they also afford the donor many tax advantages. Gifts of money, securities, property or other assets made to the ALC/SC Trusts while living or as a testamentary gift in your will are greatly appreciated. Call the church for more information. (623-974-2512)

Click for Printable Registration Form

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