1974: Organization Committee met and a church office was rented in the Professional Building at 103rd Avenue & Coggins Drive.

1975: Met in Sundial Recreation Center for 1st service January 5, 1975 with 187 in attendance.  Dr. Elmer Hjortland accepted the call as the first Senior Pastor.

1975: American Lutheran Church of Sun City as incorporated May 1, 1975

1976: Groundbreaking was 10/10/76 for the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall which included the offices and the kitchen in what is now the lounge.

1977: 1st Service in Sanctuary 7/24/77 (632 Members)

1979: Pastor Grant V. Sorenson was called to be Senior Pastor in January 1979.

1980: 5th Anniversary (1358 Members)

1982: Built Administration Building, added the flagpole and enlarged Fellowship Hall to include the Library.  Moved the offices from what is now the kitchen into the Administration Building. Dedication was October 1982. Pastor Lloyd R. Wallace accepted the call to be Senior Pastor.

1986: Built Chapel in what had been the choir room and part of the narthex.

1987: A long range planning committee chaired by Selmer Rodning was formed.  The Education Building was built, the Fellowship Hall was renovated, the kitchen was relocated, the lounge was added, and the library and the storage area were enlarged. It was completed and dedicated in December 1987.

1992: Wednesday Night Alive began

1994: The columbarium was built with 288 double niches.

1998: Received a gift to build a pipe organ. Remodeled the church offices and choir room.  Church membership was 1642 at year end.

1999: Pastor Mark G. Huggenvik was called to be Senior Pastor in February 1999. The courtyard was paved and the Carillons were installed.

2000: The mortgage was burned on February 26 at our 25th Anniversary celebration. Work began to modify the sanctuary to receive the new Casavant Frères pipe organ.

2001: Our new pipe organ was delivered from St. Hyacinth, Quebec, Canada in the summer and work began on its installation.  It was completed in October.

2002: The pipe organ and sanctuary were dedicated February 3.

2006: In 2002 Lake Pleasant Lutheran Mission Task Force partnered with Peace Lutheran, and later with the Lutheran Thrift Shop and another congregation to purchase land at 107th and Pinnacle Peak Road for $420,000.  IN 2006 the land was gifted to Community of Grace Lutheran Church.  They held their first service Christmas Eve 2010.

2007: Purchased our new Chevy Eldorado Aero Elite bus, which has a lift and seats up to 33, including the driver.

2008: In August 2008 Pastor Gary E. Benson accepted the call to be Senior Pastor.

2011: Added 144 niches to the columbarium and roofed the entire area.  Total niches now available are 432. Remodeled the lounge.

2012: Re-tiled the dome. Present membership – 1450.  The first meeting of Mission 2015 met in October to look at the future needs of ALC/SC.

2014: The congregation approved the Capital Campaign Fund Committee to begin working on the funding of the recommendations by the Mission 2015.  (1499 Members)

2015: The Mission 2015 Committee began a “Moving Forward in  Faith Capital Campaign” which was approved by the congregation to proceed with the approved renovations and improvements for the entire campus “as funds were available”.  By early spring, sufficient funds were raised to complete the first phase of the renovations/improvements and the Sanctuary Building underwent a major renovation including a new lighting system, new sound system, installation of drop down screens for live camera feeds as well as broadcast possibilities. Also included was new paint, new carpet, synchronized video feed to two new monitors in the Narthex as well as broadcast in the Chapel. The restrooms were upgraded to meet OSHA and handicap standards. The entire altar and choir area was reworked to improve size, visual enhancements for the choir as well as mobility to the altar platform to offer more options for concerts and events. Lastly, the entire Sanctuary was wired with a T-Coil hear system to enhance sound to anyone wearing a hearing aide equipped with a T Coil device.

2016: Early in 2016 the MovingForward in Faith Capital Campaign was re-presented and approval was granted to complete all of the renovations and improvements for the entire campus, parking lot and additional storage building by securing a necessary loan to cover all costs. The loan was approved by the Mission Investment Fund, a division of the ELCA, and the construction started in May with plans to be completed by early 2017.



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