Q.  How long will my commitment continue?

A.  Unless otherwise arranged, the giving period for the Capital Campaign was for three years beginning February 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017, and now extended for the project completion through April 2017


Q.  What if my financial situation changes or I move out of the area before I have completed my gift?

A.  We know that circumstances can change. If you find that you wish to pay up, increase, decrease or cancel your commitment, please contact the church office.


Q.  Is it wise to conduct a capital campaign when we are just recovering from a major economic recession?

A.  Tough times have tended to draw God’s people back to the most important things in life. We at American Lutheran believe in ‘equal sacrifice’—not ‘equal gifts.’ In other words, people cannot give what they do not have. Some of our families have fallen on difficult times and are not be expected to give much, if at all. Conversely, others of us have been greatly blessed and have significant capacities to support the campaign.


Q.  Can I really make a difference?

A.  Absolutely! No gift is too small or too big. All gifts are significant.  


Q.  What is the projected (total) cost of Capital Campaign projects?

A.  The projected cost for the total project is $4 million.


Q.  When was the last capital campaign?

A.  The last major project at ALC was expansion of the education complex, renovation of the Fellowship Hall, and improving the Library, kitchen, lounge, and storage space.  That was in 1987!


Q.  Has the campaign committee and pastors pledged?

A.  Yes, the campaign committee and pastors have pledged.


Q.  Can I get a plaque if I make a large donation?

A.  No.  The Campaign Committee has reviewed this, but decided that “we are all in this together” at ALC so special recognition for an individual is not appropriate.  Donors’ names may be listed, however.


Q.  I am only here during the winter months and support my home church throughout the year.  Why should I give to the Capital Campaign? ALC is functioning fine for me now so why isn’t my “seasonal” donation enough?

A.  All members of ALC enjoy the facilities and services here, and we believe all members want to see ALC continue to thrive whether they are here for 12 months or for fewer months.  One of the strengths of ALC is the demonstrated support of the entire congregation for all of ALC activities.  An individual’s pledge is a personal decision and needs to be based upon his/her/their financial capabilities.  Associate members of ALC are an integral part of ALC’s well being, and the Campaign Committee believes that Associate Members share with the entire membership the desire to see ALC continue to thrive.


Q.  I can’t give this year, but I could next year.  What do I do?

A.  Your donation should fit in with your own situation.  If you can’t give this year, but can in later years, you can still pledge by indicating on the pledge form when your giving will start and be completed.


Q.  Why are we stretching this out over three years?

A.  The schedule was based upon how long it might take to raise the $4 million and how long it would take to complete the projects now targeted for early 2017.  


Q.  Why can’t we enlarge the parking lot, not just more spaces

A.  We simply don’t have the land for expansion.


Q.  While construction is going on where will we have WNA?

A.  When the construction projects involving the Fellowship Hall are underway, other areas of the complex will be utilized, or potential off campus sites will be considered.  WNA will continue.


Q.  Where can I get a copy of the all the recommendations?

The Mission 2015 47-page report has been available at ALC services and annual meeting.  If you do not have a copy, contact the church office.  (623)974-2512


Q.  How much has the congregation grown in past ten years and what is the forecast?

A.  The ALC congregation has remained stable for the past ten years with about 650 regular members and 350 associate members.  Recently our numbers have increased by 10% to 1100 total.  These numbers are expected to stay at those levels if we continue to provide a church experience that meets the needs of current and future potential members.


Q.  Can I give stocks, bonds, real estate, or my car?

A.  Yes, assets other than cash can be used for pledges.  If you choose this option, please contact the Campaign Committee’s Finance chairman to arrange details.


Q.  How much am I expected to give?
A.  How much money you have to contribute to the capital campaign is a very personal decision that should be prayerfully considered. Further, the length of time for which you can pledge may also vary for each household. Your support is sincerely appreciated, in whatever form, amount, or duration that may be.


Q.  I contribute to the annual budget. Why do I need to give to this?

A.  The annual budget supports the regular, monthly expenses of maintaining the church and is referred to as “stewardship”. The capital campaign is specifically for the building changes and additions.

Q.  I’ve already pledged. What about the person sitting in the pew next to me?

A.  We understand that not everyone is able to provide additional financial support for the expansion at this time. But we do encourage everyone to pledge; any amount from $1 to $3 Million will be accepted! Your pledge, and the person sitting next to you, will be confidential and not seen by anyone other than the financial secretary. 

Last Published: July 6, 2016 8:04 PM
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